Wednesday, April 15, 2015


 The first sketch is my earliest attempt. However, I decided that I wanted some options so I made some changes to Ace & Gene.

Here are the additional attempts before putting these studies together in Photoshop. The goal is to transfer the final drawing onto canvas before painting in oils or acrylics.

ACE FREHLEY: STUDY" ( pencil on 12 x18 Canson drawing paper)

After having done the sketches on 8.5 x 11 paper I decided to take the next step.

ACE FREHLEY: FULLY RENDERED STUDY" (pencil on 12 x18 Canson drawing paper)

I had to do another one as I saw a few things in the last attempt that bothered me. My issue mostly was with his feet as they appeared way too slim for a space-man. The logic went something like this: The gravity here on earth is what it's like for us in outer space. Therefore, a heavier pair of moon-boots would be required in order to keep our beloved Space Ace on the ground.
I also took the liberty to use as much of the paper as possible since the design had been pretty much established. Any further changes at this point will take place during the painting stage. Now on to Gene.

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